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Emilia Clarke in the Game of Thrones S4 bloopers

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I love tap water


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Lesbian & Gay Caucus members at the 1980 Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden in New York City, August 11- 14, 1980.
Photos courtesy ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives Photograph Collection.

Don’t eat with those who will brag about feeding you
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Come play an adult, dirty version of “Never Have I Ever.” Find out who has sex on the first night, who gives head in the car, and who cums on people’s faces. It gets rough. How many times did YOU clap?


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Drag ha, Nicole

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The problem with metaphors like “I was blind and now I see” is they overwhelmingly position the disability as the negative. When you’re “blind to the consequences”, when your voice “falls on deaf ears”, when you need to “stand up for yourself”, those are all negative situations that should be rectified. In contrast, having your “eyes opened”, being “all ears” and “standing your ground” are situations that are generally applauded. Sadly, I never hear anybody being told to “sit their ground”. Disability is synonymous with lack of insight, inability to communicate and not having the power or the intelligence to have agency over your own life. Sound familiar? Those are all stereotypes that are associated with all kinds of disability.
The Trouble with Ableist Metaphors" @ That Crazy Crippled Chick (via disabilityhistory)